How Can Parents Connect with Their Children Through Play?

At ExploraToy, we know that play is an activity rich with opportunity. During play, parents are able to build rich relationships with their children. In the article below, you’ll learn about how parent-child playtime can help you connect with your children. You’ll also learn about other benefits of parent-child play and get some great inspiration for how to enjoy playtime with your child.

Parent-child playtime provides you and your child space you need to bond. This sort of play helps build strong relationships that will help carry your child into adulthood.

When you play with your child, your child learns that you care about them. Instead of seeing you as a distant figure, they know how much you love them when you take the time to get onto their level. Through child-led play, your child will build fond memories with you, strengthening the connection you have with them.

Playtime offers a number of benefits for parents, too. When you spend time connecting with your child through play, you learn about their needs and learn more about what makes them an individual. This awareness can help you have a sense of closeness with your child. It provides you with confidence that you’re a capable parent making the best possible choices for your child.

Benefits of Parent-Child Play

Parent-child play provides a number of important benefits to your child. The following are five benefits of parent-child playtime:

  1. It helps your child develop social skills and self-control.When you spend time playing with your child, ever activity is an opportunity to teach your child something new. They will learn to communicate their needs and show self-control when challenges appear.
  2. It’s an opportunity to enjoy one-on-one time with your child.If you’re busy (like most parents), one-on-one time with your child may be hard to find. However, parent-child play creates space for you to dedicate to the needs of your child.
  3. You’ll learn more about your child’s likes and dislikes. Parent-child play is one way to learn more about your child and their distinct personality. For example, you might learn more about what activities they enjoy and which ones they struggle with. It’s good to know these things when you help them through their educational journey.
  4. Parent-child play sends a clear message that your child is a priority.When you spend time one-on-one with your child, you let them know that they are important. Resist the urge to spend time on your phone during play time. Instead, give your full attention to your child.
  5. It allows you to teach your children important skills.Your preschool children learn a lot through play. With ExploraToy’s Wooden Knob Puzzles, you can promote learning about numbers, letters, and shapes. Since the puzzles feature a wide variety of colors, you can also teach your child their colors.

The five benefits above are only a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you spend time with your child. Research shows that 90% of your child’s brain development occurs before they start Kindergarten, making their preschool years a fertile ground for nurturing learning.

How to Enjoy Playtime with Your Child

Now that you know how important parent-child playtime is, we’re ready to give you some practical ideas to help you enjoy playtime with your child. Use the following ideas to plan your next parent-child playdate:

  • Forget the rules.Remember that there isn’t a “right” way to play with your child. Spend time with your child without fretting about whether you’re playing the right way. For example, younger children may not always play games by the rules. While it’s good to teach them how to follow rules, playtime should stay fun. Learn to be flexible to make the most of your time together.
  • Let yourself act silly.Don’t worry about what other people think about how you play. It’s okay to look (and feel) silly when you’re playing!
  • Give your child your full attention.Whether you’re playing a game (like ExploraToy’s Wooden Connect 4) or digging around in the garden with our garden toys, make sure your attention isn’t divided. Resist your urge to constantly check your phone or respond to messages. Let your child know your attention is completely on them.
  • Let them lead.Child-led play is a great way to help your children develop communication and leadership skills. Let your child pick and activity and guide your play. Not only will they build social skills, but they’ll enjoy being the boss for a change!

When you take time to enjoy parent-child play, you provide your child (and yourself!) with a number of great benefits. You’ll build your connection and help your child learn important skills. With the four tips listed above, you’re ready to plan a successful playdate with your child!


Parent-child playtime is a great way for parents to connect with their children. It offers them some time to learn about their child’s likes and dislikes while creating space to help their child develop. Not only does this provide children with a sense that their parent loves them, but it leaves parents with a stronger sense of connection with their child.

If you’re looking for great activities to enjoy with your child, check out ExploraToy’s selection of high-quality wooden toys. We have plenty of options to help you make the most of your parent-child playtime!