Great and affordable premium toys

As you may already notice, here at Exploratoy, we offer premium toys at affordable prices while guaranteeing the quality of products enabled by the laser cutting technology (contrasting with the conventional method) and the materials we choose are safe and reliable according to the U.S. Safety Standards.

So the question is, how does Exploratoy do that? Do we strike an art of the deal with our suppliers? Is it just a strategy to enter the market and that we will raise the price later on? Or do we have sufficient value chain management? Or are there some secret techniques? The answer is: well, none of them are true because we simply skip the middle section.

The traditional way of shipping in the toy industry, as some of you might have heard, is that the manufacturer produces and ships the goods based on the demand of the agent. Then the agent sells the goods to the distributors. And the distributors give to wholesalers. Then it’s passed to the retailers/outlets who sell to the customers. While the value of the product hasn’t really been changed since being produced, every unit in this process is going to increase the price for its own profit. In the end, it’s the customer who pays the most for their gain.

For Exploratoy however, we skip the middle section by building a bridge between the manufacturer and the customers. In other words, we are the manufacturers who make the sales. And unlike the traditional shipping cycle where every unit has to reduce/contain the quality of products (because the better the quality is, the more expensive their cost and then price for the customers will be and hence fewer people will buy), with the new shipping method, Exploratoy doesn’t shy away from the quality control. And of course, without the middle section, we ensure that you as our customers still pay much less than making a purchase from other toy companies.

So that’s our answer to the challenge in the market in terms of how to optimize the process and better serve our customers. The question then is of course: are you ready to surf on our products on the website and make a purchase? Please don’t hesitate to contact Exploratoy if you have any questions.