How Puzzles Help Your Child’s Development?

It’s a great way to help a young child to develop by playing wooden puzzles. But what skills can they gain from this process, exactly? Is it that the so-called detective skill? Or is it that they are more likely to become a programmer or a geek? Today we are going to clarify the ambiguity by walking you through what skills your kids will learn from playing a set of wooden puzzles.

First and foremost, an Exploratoy wooden puzzle will introduce the ideas of system, structure, and components to your kids. The system is referring to the whole puzzles placing in the right positions on a board to complete the whole image (=system). The structure is about each small image (perhaps a dog, or cat, or horse) in the whole image (let’s say a horse is resting in farmland). Naturally, the component is about the fraction that the combination of each component will form a structure (e.g. completing the image of a dragon). With wooden toys, the kids will realize the relationship between a component, structure, and system. They will learn how to break the system down to a set of structures and a structure into a set of components, and vice versa for how to form a structure or a system. That’s essentially the skill that a strategic consultant, despite the complexity of the matter he is handling compared with a wooden puzzle, will need to solve a problem, and as well as for a military commander or any position that requires this kinda thinking.

The second skill is no doubt the physical skill. Via playing an Exploratoy wooden puzzle to break down or match pieces of puzzles, a kid can improve his eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. This clears their way for handwriting, drawing, painting and also prepares for the development of the capability to play more sophisticated toys and sports, music activities in the next stage.

After them, the kid will also learn a set of soft skills, such as problem-solving, leadership, confidence. It’s not always easy for a 2-year-old child to figure out the puzzle within 5 minutes. The questions will be then: will he/she give up? Will he/she try a different strategy or insist on the current one that isn’t working? Will he/she develop the critical thinking ability to realize the mistakes and solve the problem in another way? More importantly, can he/she avoid the same type of mistakes in another set of Exploratoy toys that have changed the setting? If the answer to all those questions is yes, then your child definitely shouldn’t miss the Exploratoy wooden puzzles for we make them both fun and educational.

So that’s it. Puzzles are very helpful to your child’s early development. Now, please take a look at Exploratoy toys. Unlike the companies that still use traditional methods, we have implemented the newest laser cutting technology to ensure that the safety of every set of wooden puzzle products either regarding the pieces or board always comes first. Please stay tuned to Exploratoy for more creative products are on their way.