Tips on keeping kids busy while parents work at home

Many parents can feel that trying to work when their children are at home is challenging. Children will always want to interrupt your work, but it's not like there's no way to handle this situation. "Children are naturally curious, It is easy for them to concentrate on an activity. As a parent, you need to set the conditions to make it most likely to happen." say educational psychologists. There are many ways for children to play alone, and choosing the right one is very important. That's why our ExploraToy team has summarized some tips to help your child focus on play so you can focus on work.



 Set a schedule


Education experts believe that the most important thing is the schedule. Parents need to know what they are going to do, and kids also need to know or be scheduled to do. Make a to-do list with your children and schedule time for them. Older children, will like the structure and feel they are important, and they will quickly learn the rhythm of your workday, allowing them to do activities while you work. If you spend some time the night before to plan your schedule for the next day, things will become easier. However, don't plan for a long period of time. Break your day into smaller parts. Maybe you work for 30 minutes while your child plays with puzzles, and then you take a 15-minute break with your children together. These shorter blocks work better in the shorter attention span of young children. Plus, they allow you to stay in touch with your child and interact with them on a regular basis.


 Activities and fun toys


Create fun activities for your child and find fun things to do. Children's love for toys is something we dare not estimate, and even if they lose interest in some toys, keep them away for a period of time and when you put them back into the rotation, they look as good as new to the child.


Board games, blocks, trains, toy sets, and puzzles are just a few of the great toys that children can play with for hours. These toys allow children to spend time focusing on playing and forget about you. Also while the kids are playing, don't forget that incentives always work for kids if you define a goal or objective that promises a reward when they successfully complete the task. They will focus on accomplishing the goal that allows you to work. For example, in the case of puzzles or matching games, if your child completes a set of pictures or succeeds in matching them all correctly, then you can give a reward, and then the child will be more attentive during the game. The reward can be anything, doing fun activities together, watching movies, or playing together. Immersive play is very important, the kids need to enjoy it, it needs to be challenging and take time. So that children can play for a long time.


 Explain your work


Older children may understand that you have a job. They may even understand that you work from home. That does not mean that they understand what is happening now. Let your children know that you have to do your job, not just take care of them. You have to work for your boss now, and you need to do your work. Explain that leaving you alone while you work can help you get the job done faster. The faster you get your work done, the sooner you can play with them.


But younger children like to keep their parents close, or at least in the same room, so they can see them. This is the source of their happiness and satisfaction. One solution could be to set up a small work area or activity station for them in your own office. Buy toys that are age-appropriate for your children to play with and keep them busy. This will not work for several hours continuously, but it will definitely give you some efficient office hours!


Another important point is that kids need clear rules and we can try to establish clear boundaries and agreements. When you work with your children at home, use a visual sign to make it easier for them to understand that they cannot disturb you unless it is a very urgent situation. Practice these signs with them, and even young children will learn to understand them.


In practice, it’s not easy to work with kids at home. To be honest, it can sometimes be very frustrating. We can’t be perfect parents, have a clean house, fully obedient children, and get all the work done easily. Finding the right balance between work, home and family is what you need to strive for!


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