Why kids need to play?

We live in the era of digitization and information exploitation. Not only we as parents are spending an enormous amount of time on cellphones and the internet, but also our children are accessing them too early. Remember the day when kids were addicted to toys, sports, music that are physical and visible rather than Tiktok and Instagram that are digital and untouchable? That’s no longer the reality for the new generation in America. In other words, kids no longer “play” nowadays. They are more addicted to the digital instrument (e.g. PlayStation, Xbox, Will...) than we used to (e.g. Arcade) such that they inevitably will experience exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, and even memory loss due to over-exposure to radiation of all sorts of fractions of meaningless information.

To address this new and also sad reality, as both parents and also the toy company inspired to bring in more fun and joy to the American kids, Exploratoy is committed to restoring the early childhood that once existed in America and makes play no longer a luxury nor an exhaustive calculation as a workshop of skills. We want to make it both fun and educational for kids to play with our wooden puzzles such that they are more likely to embrace and appreciate the beauty in both nature and society; we want our little customers to fall in love with exploring the world and becoming people persons while developing their leadership and problem-solving skills. We believe that, while digitization cannot be substituted in the new reality, toys can still be complemented in relation to retaining kids’ lovely childhood and making it memorable.

Hence, we believe that kids need to play. And they need to start their play before they turn into 1. A number of respective research have shown the link between social and cognitive skills that are prerequisites for learning more complex concepts and play. The researchers have pointed out that play is linked to discipline, growth in memory, oral and body language, and recognition of symbols. With enough exposure to and experience of play in an early stage, kids are also more likely to develop their literacy skills and the skill in academic learning (as the Vygotskian theory of child development indicates). And all those skills and developments will merge to lead the children into a degree of “sophistication”. That’s when and where the leadership skills, social skills, people skills jump in. Without that smooth transition, later intervention aiming to make adjustments, as the scholars noticed in the 90s, would not be as effective and productive as the cases where early development exists.

With respect to the implications from the research and our core values, vision, and mission, Exploratoy is steady and ready to assist parents with the toys that our team designs. Our innovation doesn’t stop with the existing products because with your help and inspiration, we will provide more and more differentiated new toys that are more targeting and specializing with respect to child’s development and play.

Stay with us and more is coming from Exploratory.