Why physical toys can be more beneficial to kids than video games

It is said that electric devices might be ruining a generation in a way that kids growing up with these devices could be harmed based on the way they lose a real interaction with the real world. Consequently, people’s fear is that these smartphones and technology associated with our daily lives could do harm to the development of children. We cannot say that these fears are groundless since more and more people - not only kids but also adults - are being addicted to phones and other electric devices. People have been blaming tech for the negative impacts on children for decades. However, we really should look at the issue from different aspects regarding the pros and cons of kid’s entertainment on-screen.


Video games - good or bad for your child?


There is a study that has found children who play video games an hour or less a day are most well-adjusted. What’s more, it should be clarified that the main concern for most people regarding video games isn’t related to the effect on children’s minds, but the effects on their bodies. And this is crucial for toddlers to frequently activate their bodies, something that games on-screen are not able to encourage the players. So, it is only a matter of controlling the time your children are playing with electronic devices. Through the proper way of interacting with the games on screen, cognitive skills and intelligence can be stimulated positively.


Alternatives to digital entertainment


Despite the fact that parents should teach their children about how to manage screen time, it’s also encouraged that parent should still do their parenting in a traditional way by using physical toys that can be tangible. Traditional physical toys such as building blocks, action figures, barbie dolls, puzzle games actually do help the children ‘s intelligence develop in ways video games can not by helping children to interact with the world and develop their cognitive and motor skills.  


So, has tech killed real toys? Not in the slightest. Even as bright lights of the screen easily capture the attention of children - like all parents know who need a break with the help of a cartoon - toddlers still naturally switch to real tangible toys. The one thing that the tech can’t replace is the real feeling and physical exercise the kids needs to stimulate their growth.


Balance like always is the key.


In short, the usual boring answer is the safe middle road. Once your children have grown enough that their eyes can handle some screen time it is safe and useful to let children play a little but remember to limit the screen time if needed and street them to traditional toys. This task should be easy if you have great toys around to help you and that’s why we are here!


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