Why play is so important in early childhood

Why do children need to play? Every kid needs to play, this is common sense, many parents know that play is essential to the growth of children and has many benefits, but they rarely associate play with learning, yet numerous scientific studies have proven the importance of play to children's development and ability to learn, as a way for children to learn about the world, themselves and each other.


The importance of play in early childhood cannot be underestimated. Even the United Nations has listed play as one of the basic rights of every child. The ExploraToy team summarized six benefits of playing for children:





Scientists have done a lot of research to prove that playing has a very powerful and positive effect on the brain. Studies have shown that playing in early childhood changes the brain by initiating lasting changes in the prefrontal cortex, and that play experiences can change the connections of neurons in the front of the brain. It is these changes in the prefrontal cortex during childhood that help connect the executive control center of the brain, which plays a key role in regulating emotions, making plans and solving problems.


For this kind of change, ExploraToy supports children to participate in many so-called free games without guidance, without winning or losing, without rules.



Imagination and creativity are more important than knowledge. In imaginative play, children use what they play to express themselves, and we don't realize how creative children can be in the process of playing.


Puzzles, for example, at the most basic level, shapes are geometric. But thinking about it carefully, in a knob puzzle, each piece has knobs and notches, some of which are much larger than others, and some may even have slightly different shapes, and children can even begin to think about size and proportion by putting the pieces together, many adults do not realize how puzzles help children. Children show a lot of imagination and creativity in the puzzle process that we don't see.




Play is important for children's cognitive development, and it is also very helpful for children's intellectual improvement. Studies show that children who like to play are smarter than those who don't, and that playing enhances children's cognitive, language and social development. We should encourage children to play, so what kind of toys should we choose among the many toys available? The ExploraToy team firmly believes that wooden toys are the best and most suitable for stimulating children's brain development, unlike some plastic toys filled with flashing lights, colors and single functions that limit children's thinking.




Children can also improve their learning skills by learning the vocabulary involved in the process of playing. Studies have shown that children who learn vocabulary through play are sure to acquire it faster than through hard memorization, and not only that, but their language skills can also improve faster, as children who enjoy playing tend to be more expressive and communicative. We encourage children to learn through play.




Psychologists have found that play is very helpful to children's social development. Children begin to establish contacts and communicate with other children, learn how to cooperate and how to get along with others. There is no doubt that play fosters relationships with oneself and others. When children are deprived of the opportunity to play, their development will be severely affected. Children who love to play must be more popular with their peers than children who do not. So please be sure to let your children enter into social relationships to play.




One very obvious feature of playing is that children exercise during play, which is not only very helpful for emotional adjustment but also releases emotions and relieves pressure through play, and also gains happiness in the process of play.


For example, through some garden tools toys, young children can not only improve their fine motor skills but also play with their parents and friends, as well as gain happiness.




For Children’s growth, it is paramount to give them lots of chances to play. Hence you should consider what kind of play and how-to-play is the most suitable for children of young age - that’s why it’s important to choose toys that promote healthy development and are safe.


Exploratoy adheres to this purpose, wooden toys help children stimulate creativity and imagination while developing cognition and problem-solving skills. Natural textures stimulate children's senses when they invite them to touch, feel and explore. So why not explore a collection of your favorite toys here!  https://exploratoy.com/collections/all